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Dear Parents,


Thank you for choosing us as a partner in the development of your children. We take their growth very seriously.  Our mutual support of your children’s journey through the performing arts helps them build self-esteem, develop civic responsibility, and achieve academic success. Pullum Center’s vision is to replace gangs and violence with arts in the lives of youth.


As partners, we ask for your help in several areas. They include:

  • Volunteering at Pullum Center sponsored events

  • Fundraising

  • Maintenance and repairs



Parents help the “show to go on.”  Pullum Center produces two major musicals each year, as well a variety of showcases for each class.  We can always use your organizational help.



Many employers have matching programs for your own charitable contributions.  That is something to ask about at work.  Additionally, when you are out and about in the community, you’ll see signs of youth organization sponsorships hanging in businesses. Those sponsorships exist because people have asked those businesses to give back to the community. We encourage you to do the same, especially at places where you spend your hard-earned cash. 

Maintenance & Repairs

If you have a skill that might help us with maintenance and repairs, please give us a hand.  A clean and safe facility is vital in setting expectations of excellence.


If you can assist in any of the areas listed above,

please contact our office manager Tracy at:

[tel] 323-292-2700


Class Visits

Parental class visits are welcome on selected days. Please call ahead to arrange the time. Experience has shown that we need to manage class visits because students can become distracted in the presence of parents. In extreme cases, they can shut down and cease trying.

Let’s work together to expand
the ambition of our kids and the quality of our community.  

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