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Why Us?

The Pullum Center aims to provide a safe haven for youth. Our enriching environment allows youth to learn how to become adventurous, expressive, and brave (i.e. speaking and performing in front of large groups). We understand the challenges many of our youth face in their lives and goes above and beyond providing arts education.

  • Leadership development is a key component of our program design.

  • All students participate in community service projects.

  • Families and communities of students are engaged through live performances throughout the year.

  • Pullum Center provides students free dinner and a snack at our headquarters.

  • Our students are stars. Students perform in musicals and community events throughout the year.

  • Students go on field trips to concerts, museums, and cultural events.

  • We strive for academic success. Last year, all 15 of our senior students have graduated from high school and 13 have gone on to college, while 2 students tour as dancers.

  • We are more than teachers. We are extended family.

  • Students meet and perform with well-known artists. In the last five years, those artists have included: Jackson Browne, Wayne Shorter, Quincy Jones, Yoko Ono, Dr. John, and Aloe Blacc.

Recent Recognition

Certificate of Recognition from CA State Senate
Recognition for Service from the City of Los Angeles
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