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Pullum Center Student playing piano

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Students learn the basics of theater production, character development and staging.  Working in the theater environment and performing in the Pullum Center’s musical productions gives the students valuable communication skills that can be applied in their future academic and work settings. (Ages 5-20)

Jazz Band

Advanced students practice regularly as a group to achieve a professional grade standard.  They perform at Pullum Center, community and high profile events, gaining important live experience and building references for their college applications.  High profile engagements often involve working side by side with well known musical artists.  (10-20)

Three Classes on Beginning Instruments:

Piano, Guitar and Wind Instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone)

In these three separate classes, students learn the fundamentals of music (e.g. note names, musical notation, rhythms, how to play their instruments) and are taught to perform basic compositions. (Ages 5-18)



Students learn essential drumming skills (e.g. flams, paradiddles, rolls, drags and more), reading percussion notation and functioning as a team. (Ages 12-18)



Students learn how to play a full drumset in ways that complement the other band instruments.  They also play “live” with other members of the rhythm section (e.g. base & piano) to gain experience and confidence.  (Ages 7-18)



Students learn dance techniques and creative movement and explore dance traditions from many cultures.  They perform in showcases for their parents & friends and in Pullum Center’s musical productions.  (Ages 5-18)



Students are taught proper vocal technique with an emphasis on tone, blend and dynamics.  The choir performs in different musical and community settings throughout the year. (Ages 9-18)


Song Writing & Music Production

Students use electronic keyboards to create their own melodies and orchestration, and they explore lyrics that are rhythmically appropriate for the music they have created.  Students also learn digital audio techniques to record their music. (Ages 14-20)

Film Making

Students write, develop, shoot and edit a narrative film. They work as a team to develop story lines that reflect their unique lives and communities. (Ages 10-20) ***Currently on hold


Students learn rhythm and musicality. Tap teaches students how to count and how to listen to music which supports the students to become a well-rounded dancer. 


Students learn complex rhythms and sounds by using hand and body movements along with a variety of footstep routines. 




At the end of each semester, students in all classes are given the opportunity to perform or exhibit their work (i.e. film making & song writing classes) in showcases which are attended by family, friends and other guests.  Additionally students are invited to participate in the two musical productions that occur in the fall and spring semesters.

Contact Tracy Williams at to sign up for classes. 

A flyer of Pullum Center free performing arts classes.
2023 Fall Schedule
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